What to expect for the rest of the season in the Premier League

The English Premier League is arguably the best football competition in the entire world. This is the league to see if you want to see competitive, exciting football. The thing about the English Premier League is that it’s full of teams that are outright world-class. Manchester United, Arsenal, Liverpool, Manchester City, Chelsea… the list goes on. These are all world-class teams and it’s a delight to watch them duke it out on the field. To that end, the Premier League is in full effect, it’s the middle of the season now. But what can we expect will happen to happen by the end of the season?

The likely scenarios

If the history of the English Premier League has ever taught us something – it’s that nobody is safe. The best team in the league can lose – and heavily at that – to the worst team in the league. There are dozens of examples of this. That being said, the cream of the crop still manages to rise to the top easily. Liverpool is at the forefront of the table – followed by Manchester City.

Both of these teams are in a fantastic form. After wealthy oil businessmen started investing their money in Manchester City – they have helped the team rise tremendously. Some of the best players in the world play here. Currently, Liverpool has a lead of 7 points ahead of City, but City is still to play one additional game to catch up with the number of games Liverpool played this season. So, given City’s fantastic form, chances are that the point difference between them will be 4 points. And in a competition as volatile as the English Premier League – this lead is nothing. So, there is a chance that City will manage to overtake Liverpool by the end of the season. And now they have the psychological edge over the opponents given the fact that City has triumphed Liverpool with 2-1 not that long ago.

Not so fast, though. The Liverpool players are in the form of their lives. After Jürgen Klopp took over, he instilled a new spirit of power and the team really looks fantastic. Firminho, Sallah, and Mane are all in a fantastic form and they look unstoppable. Liverpool has managed to show time and time again that they are a world-class team. So, in our opinion, they will manage to finally conquer the first spot in the English Premier League after a long time.

Where things get interesting is in the next part of the table. Tottenham, Chelsea, Manchester United, and Arsenal are all vying for a higher spot on the table. It’s going to be a dirty game. Manchester United fell really low and they played terrible football for a big part of the season. The end of this was the moment Mourinho got sacked and Solskjær came to take his place. Now, United have 6 wins back-to-back. They look strong and they are on the rise. They may manage to take the third place eventually.

Tottenham, Arsenal, and Chelsea have an inconsistent form. They win some and then they lose some. Arsenal is trailing behind – 7 points behind Tottenham on the third spot. It will be an interesting part of the table for the rest of the season – anything could happen.

Finally, the lower portion of the table is the relatively uninteresting one. Here, it’s much clearer. The first two teams headed towards relegation are Huddersfield and Fulham. It will be a fight between Cardif, New Castle, and Burnley for a spot in the Premier League for the next season.

In conclusion

So, the Premier League once again shows that it’s one of the leading football competitions in the world. Only time will tell what the final rankings on the table will be.